How do I order a product?

Using the tool above, search for an authorized Pride provider near you that carries the product category you are looking for. For example, if you’re looking for a scooter you would enter your postal code, select Mobility Scooters from the dropdown menu, and click Find Stores. The results will show you a list of authorized Pride providers that carry scooters in your area.

Can I order a product directly from Pride?

While we don’t sell directly to consumers, we want to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for you to find and order our products. Using our Find A Provider tool is the simplest way to connect with one of the hundreds of authorized Pride providers throughout Canada.

How do I get parts?

If you need replacement parts, new tires or new batteries, contact an authorized Pride provider. They will order the parts for you and install them on your mobility product.

How do I get service for my product?

If your mobility device needs service or repairs, contact an authorized Pride provider. You can contact your provider or call our Consumer Sales and Support Department to request service at 888-570-1113.

What is covered under warranty?

Each product has its own warranty, and each warranty outlines the different parts and coverage. To review your product’s warranty, go to the product description page on and select the Warranty tab. You can also view product warranty information on the Resources page.

Am I covered under warranty if I’m not the original owner of the product?

Warranties for Pride products only apply to the original owner of the product and are not transferrable.