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infinite position power lift recliners

If you're searching for a power lift recliner that is the ultimate in style and performance, look no further than VivaLift! Power Recliners. Our power lift recliners are designed to be a functional and fashionable part of your home décor.

VivaLift! Power Lift Recliners with Trendelenburg Positioning

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and our VivaLift! Power Lift Recliner models with Trendelenburg positioning have the same optimal effect! Named after the surgeon who pioneered the head-tilt position technology, the Trendelenburg position raises the seat with your feet up and your head declines at an angle of roughly 16° for the ultimate in relaxation and wellness. Give yourself the gift of unlimited positioning potential and check out this advanced model today!


Radiance Collection Model PLR-3955

The Radiance Collection is the first in its class to offer three heating pads and with the VivaLift! true infinite positioning and hideaway phone charger, you can take your relaxation experience to the next level.


Tranquil 2 Collection
Model PLR-935

The VivaLift! Tranquil 2 Collection introduces Trendelenburg-like positioning and a memory button hand control to the Tranquil collection.