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red electric wheelchairGo Chair® Specifications

Go Chair®
Part Number
Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Maximum Speed3 Up to 3.7 mph
Ground Clearance1 3 1.8" at motor
Turning Radius1 3 25.5"
Overall Length 3 33" with front rigging
Overall Width 25.5"
Front Wheels 6" solid casters
Drive Wheels 9" solid
Rear Casters 3" solid anti-tips
Suspension Limited
Range Per-Charge3,6 Up to 13.2 miles (200 lbs.) Up to 8.7 miles (300 lbs.)
Heaviest Piece When Disassembled4 36 lbs. (rear section)
Standard Seating Type: Compact, foldable Weight: 30 lbs. Material: Black vinyl Dimensions: Width: 18", Depth: 17"
Dual Braking System Regenerative and electromechanical
Standard Electronics 40 amp, PG GC3
Battery Requirements (Two) 18 AH, 12 V, deep-cycle Weight: 14 lbs. each
Battery Charger Off-board, 2 amp
Battery Charger Off-board, 2 amp
Warranty Frame: 5-year limited; Drivetrain: 2-year limited; Electronics: 2-year limited ; Batteries: 13-month limited
1 Due to manufacturing tolerances and continual product improvement, this specification can be subject to a variance of + or - 3 %. Dimensions listed are for power base only. Overall measurements will vary based on seating and accessory selections.
2 Without front riggings.
3 Varies with user weight, terrain, battery type, battery condition and tire pressure.
4 Does not include seat or battery weights.
5 Battery weight may vary based on manufacturer.
6 Tested in accordance with ANSI/RESNA, WC Vol. 2, Section 4 and ISO 7176-4 standards. Results derived from theoretical calculations based on battery specifications and drive system performance. Testing conducted at maximum weight capacities. This specification can be subject to a variance of +10%, -5%.
The information contained herein is correct at the time of publication; we reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.